Gift Guide: New/Expecting Mamas

New moms need so many things when they are home learning their new life with their sweet new baby. However, rarely do they ask for anything because there is such stigma around what is expected of a new mom and her “time off” with her new baby. Also, do not ever refer to maternity leave as “time off”. Just don’t.

Anyways, I’ve put together a list of a few ideas to gift the new/expecting mama in your life! And as an expecting mama the third time around, I feel pretty confident these ideas will bring a smile to her face!

Cute and comfy loungewear : regardless if she is a new mom navigating life at home all day with her new baby or a veteran mama having to shuttle her older kiddos to and from school, she will appreciate having comfy, yet cute, loungewear!

Slippers: no matter if the lady you are gifting is expecting or recently delivered she will be sure to appreciate these beautiful and comfortable slippers! Seriously, they just don’t get any better than these!

Cordless Vacuum: cleaning is such a stressor for new and expecting mamas. Messy homes can be so triggering because it’s a constant reminder that you still have more to do once you are finally able to get the baby to sleep! Having to wrestle with a cord is one less thing mamas need to worry about for quick cleaning sesh! These are game changers. She will thank you!

Hair dryer brush: again, new and expecting mamas don’t have the same type of energy as they once did but a nice (quick) shower and a diy blowout work wonders for a mama’s state of mind. This dryer brush is so simple to use and cuts styling time in half!

Bump-friendly dress: feeling beautiful is not something most new/expecting mamas come about too easily. But it will be hard to feel anything but beautiful in a Victoria Dunn dress! These flowing dresses transition perfectly from bump to baby.

Honest Mama Collection: lotion and body oils are a (pregnant) woman’s best friend. This collection is perfect for stocking stuffers!

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