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Christmas Cards

Sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! However, they can be expensive and time consuming so let’s breakdown all the different steps and routes you can take during Christmas card planning! Pick your photo(s): First you have to pick the perfect photo, or if you’re like us, you have family…

DIY Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite bloggers to follow, Veronika Romeis, posted that she was trying out some DIY ornaments and they turned out so cute! About the same time I saw her post I had just stumbled across some beautiful hand painted ornaments that I fell in love with, but the price was way out of…

Gift Guide: New/Expecting Mamas

New moms need so many things when they are home learning their new life with their sweet new baby. However, rarely do they ask for anything because there is such stigma around what is expected of a new mom and her “time off” with her new baby. Also, do not ever refer to maternity leave…

Nice to meet you.

Hi there! I’m Mary! Or as my mother calls me, Mary Elizabeth. As I was contemplating beginning a blog I kept trying to think of a name. Everything sounded cheesy or just completely not me. But as I was swinging my sweet baby boy on our patio swing this afternoon it came to me. The…

About Me

Hi, I’m Mary. I’m a modern mama with a passion for all things traditional. I’m a full-time working mom and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Other than my wonderful kids and husband, my passion lies within service to others! 

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